The Original Natural Soap and Solid Body Care Shop
Milk & Honey Naturals is a family business owned and operated out of Kansas City, MO. Here you will find a full range of unique body, face and hair care products created with naturally occurring ingredients. All of the products are environmentally friendly and produced, biodegradable and priced responsibly to offer the finest, affordable natural body care.
The Milk & Honey Naturals brand name signifies the combination of necessity, luxury and natural living - Milk being a necessity, honey being a luxury, and both being completely natural. In the Milk & Honey Naturals shop, you will find the theme runs true through every category and product. A seamless entwining of the body care and cleansing products we need to maintain every day health, cleanliness and natural beauty - with the high quality, pure ingredients, creativity and design to make each needed item stunningly indulgent.
The inspiration for all of the handmade products is drawn from travel, food, drink and nature. Our family loves to travel and I’m a complete foodie. I like to take the things that I smell, taste, touch and see and recreate them with my own interpretation so that I can keep them with me always. While my ideas come together organically through sensory inspiration, each and every piece in the Milk & Honey Naturals shop serves a special purpose.

Some of my top inspirational places are Costa Rica for the heavy influence of Spanish culture, rich rainforests, the clear blue-green ocean, cocoa butter farms; West Virginia for the rich foliage change, the crisp mountain air, the rocky rapids and the amazing caves; and New Orleans for the unique food and culture, the thick air, French architecture and history.

Our lives have had a very natural progression to living as natural as possible. It is one of our highest priorities to source the finest ingredients we can find. At a very young age I learned about how our bodies are effected by the chemicals we are exposed to regularly. My two biggest concerns are food and bath and beauty products because we use them daily. I like to create my own natural and organic products so I have control over every ingredient.

I love that I can share my experiences, creativity, culture and love for life through my handmade natural products while simultaneously supporting general health and well-being.