Wednesday, February 19, 2014

my new Krustbuster

After you have kids these types of “as seen on TV” inventions all start to make perfect sense. Our issue is that the kids like PB&J’s with lots of PB and lots of J. That makes for a squishy messy little sandwich. Out of nowhere without even the slightest hint that crust can be omitted from a sandwich, the kids started to hate it!? I thought this was something parents start with their kids but it turns out it’s the other way around. Most kids hate crust naturally.

At first I was cutting all of our sandwiches and PB was getting all over the house. One day on a whim I bought a pack of Uncrustables. The kids loved them, ate them on their own and I didn’t find wiped PB&J hidden all over the house afterwards. But $1 for a small circle sandwich plus all the storage space needed in the freezer + defrost time = no thanks! I’ll do it myself.

There were several types of sandwich sealers and cutters that I found. I leaned towards Krustbuster because it saves the most sandwich. I hate wasting food, I hate that I have to cut crust so I was certainly going to make sure that the buster I chose kept as much of the goods as possible.

Well, the thing rocks! Now I can make quick sloppy sandwiches with whatever I want in the middle, bust it and pass it to the kids. No crust, no mess and seriously inexpensive. I give this two thumbs up.

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