Sunday, March 17, 2013

Extortion at Babies “R” Us

When it’s really cold out, there aren’t many options for burning time around here. From what I’ve heard, the closest indoor mall is a few hours away. Everything is outside except Air Zone, which is a germ trap during cold and flu season.

So we wasted away some of our morning at Babies “R” Us. The kids love looking around, I love looking around. I was checking out hats, sunglasses and jogging strollers. Then we got to the toys and the whining and insanity broke out. In less than 10 minutes I was buying Cookie Monster slippers and Mickey Mouse jingle toys and trying to make a run for it before they saw anything else that would make them cry.

Note to Self: No toy stores alone. I can’t handle it. If I’m with my husband, rolling around with two screaming kids is no problem. When I’m by myself, it’s really embarrassing, so I buy things we don’t necessarily need to make a clean getaway. But whatever. I’m watching them play with everything now. There so happy. Thank goodness for the big sale they were having.