Friday, October 30, 2015

Our Halloween Gang + DIY Halloween Nails

So this year we actually had several people dress up for Halloween!  I was really excited.  No one did it last year but since my friend Toby was in, so was I and others followed.  So it’s going to be a lot of fun today.  I’m Lady Gaga… but I’ll tell you.  Trash bags stick!!  I’m wearing a leotard underneath but DANG!  I sure hope this isn’t toxic!

I stole one of Gaga’s makeup looks and Christina Aguilera’s hair from the MTV Awards.  It was pretty easy to throw together this morning on a whim.  And of course I just cut up and belted a giant trash bag… lol…

And for anyone looking to pizzazz up their nails… try this easy tutorial below

1 >>> Paint one half of your nail in white and the other in yellow.

2 >>> Apply hole reinforcers cut in half.  Place two on each nail as shown below.

3 >>> Working on one nail at a time, paint the area inside the stickers with orange nail polish.

4 >>> Then just carefully remove the stickers and voila!  A cute little free Halloween touch to go with your costume or just your weekend.

5 >>> Repeat on all your other nails.  Let everything dry for about 5 minutes then just top it off with a layer of top coat.

Happy Painting --- Happy Early Halloween --- And Happy Friday!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Birds Birds Birds and Other Stuff

I made a few changes to the bird cage since last I wrote.  I was going absolutely crazy having our ghetto box set up.  It was what we needed for sure and we didn’t have to spend any money on it the first 3 weeks.  We needed it the way it was because the light had to be right on the birds to keep them really warm.  Now they are ready to be lightless and temp to the 74 degrees in our house.

So I have a little video below of the birds playing around in the new Summerhawk coop.  What I did was just build the actual coop part.  I haven’t added the running cages or anything like that.  So when it goes outside and we build on it, it will be much, much bigger and have a lot more space.

One thing you may notice is that I upgraded our feeding equipment.  Everything I had purchased previously worked terribly.  It took up too much room or the birds would run all around in it and get the food and water dirty.  So now we have a really cool galvanized metal corner hanging feeder and a waterer on the back wall.  It gives them so much more space to play.

I think that’s all we really have going on right now.  Some bird fun, we have some family coming for Thanksgiving so I’m stressed about that.  I’m always excited and stressed because it’s a lot to plan for.

The kids are going to be Ninja Turtles this year for Halloween.  They already picked their costumes and I’m hoping there are a few events we can go to so they get more use out of them.  A really good tip… order online the first week of October.  You can usually score free or cheap flat rate shipping plus 60% off your order.  My order would have been $128.00 and I only spent $55.05.

Shoot, while on the subject I might as well mention Christmas.  Use Neiman Marcus.  Everyone thinks they are super expensive but when it comes to the home gourmet type gifts, they are not at all.  If you use them the first week of Christmas you’ll get free shipping and free gift wrap, even if it’s 10 gifts going to 10 different places.  You don’t have to wrap anything or step foot in the store. 

These are the kinds of things I do every year and I save so much time and money.  Especially with the Neiman Marcus.  It’s like $12.00 per gift to wrap if you wait after that first week.  No thank you.  I stick in the gourmet foods and things like really cool candles.

Friday, October 16, 2015

The Birds + My New Fave App!

So the birds are nearing the 3 week mark I believe and they are a little handful.  We have “Modella,” who is the largest and the fluffiest so far.  She is getting in her fuzzy mane and is at the top of the pecking order.  So in the video above you will see her getting in everyone’s business.  She leads the pack and investigates everything to make sure all things are well and good.
Then we have “Madam Car” who I just call Madam.  This is Eli’s bird and she is the one who is almost full feathered out despite her smaller size.  Then we have the two who barely have feathers yet.  The larger of those is “Poopoo Lala Dog Car” who I of course just call Lala.  This is Parker’s bird.  And the cutest and littlest of all is my little “Pumpkin.”
They are naughty little things.  I can tell you that.  So my project when I get home from work today is to suspend their food and water bowls.  I’m not going out to buy something new.  It’s a waste when you know how to DIY.  I’m simply going to punch a decent size hole in the top of both the food and waterer and use a nail on the inside with string tied to it and going through the hole to tie on the cage cover and keep everything off the ground.
The reason for this is because they are pushing the food out of the food bowl on purpose.  So just yesterday after I filled it they spent the day throwing it all out and now they are grounded.  They are going to be eating it off the ground until it’s all gone.  And they put food and hay in the water.  So that has to stop too.  But man they are so much fun!!  And I like them a lot.  More than any pet I’ve had since my cat Mooch like 8 years ago.
And finally, my favorite hilarious app.  I downloaded “Photo Blend Collages.”  It is the most hilarious app ever.  I was really bad and put someone’s face on a rat body to cheer up my friend who went through a bad break up.  So I won’t share that because it’s mean but it was meant in fun for my bestie.  But you can also do nice practical things like blend yourself into photos with your friends and add tags and accessories and change the background.

The interface is really, really easy to use.  Clipping only takes a second because you just draw with your finger and accept if the changes are right.  It’s the quickest I’ve ever figured out an app.  I still have trouble with others from time to time like VivaVideo, even though I use it all the time and absolutely adore that one too.

Anyway, that’s all for now… hope everyone has an awesome weekend!

Monday, October 12, 2015

Our Bathroom + Some Other DIY

I did not realize until I was looking around my blog showing Toby (my hilarious Accounting Assistant and A/P Specialist pictured below), how many insane DIY projects I’ve done over the years.
And for my girl Rayna… this post is also for you.  My DIY vases, candles and wine bottles are also included below in case you want to whip up some of the ones you were asking about yesterday.
What I wanted to start mentioning is my bathroom project!!  Jaime and I have a really nice house, but there are things you start to pick at.  First it was our new carpet that we replaced (also pictured below).  We have 3 different links to that project with the pic in case anyone wants to check those oldies but goodies out.  That was a hard project.
Besides bedroom stuff, furniture, a ton of DIY for pure enjoyment and visual effect… the bathroom floor was driving me insane.  With all of the nice carpeting, wood work, specialty molding and real stone floors, the one nice main bathroom had vinyl!  Ugly vinyl that was done really, really wrong.
Instead of buying a decent looking design (which I could see what they were trying to go for), they had the insane idea of cutting squares of vinyl and gluing them down individually like crazy to try and create a fake stone look.  This is a note to anyone doing vinyl flooring.  You don’t want seams, especially 500 seams in a room.  And especially not in an area that is going to be exposed to steam and moisture.
Even worse than the eventually sliding tiles, was what I found under when doing the project.  They had glued overtop of another vinyl floor.  Which, even though I was irritated, it did make removal easier because instead of prying up individual squares we ripped everything out in a sheet.  Anyway, below is the pic of our bathroom all finished and the wood look makes a huge difference in the entire design of the room.
And then below are some DIY projects for Rayna and others looking to throw something together for next to nothing that looks really, really nice.  And I will say my favorite place to scout out paintable pieces is the thrift store.  I find glass containers all the time for around ten cents a piece.  Happy DIY’ing!

Thursday, October 1, 2015

I Can't Get Enough of This Site!

So when I get bored... really bored... I start surfing the net.  I found this amazing shopping site that I cannot get enough of... and NO... this is not a sponsored post.  I found it a few months ago when I was so bored I was literally using Google to find things to do when you are bored and BAM!  There it was like a little beacon of "I'm Soooooooooo Going to be Broke" hope.
The site is  I literally spent a couple of hours on it looking through all of the things that they have for sale.  They have everything... I mean everything!
You can get kits that convert your stairs to a giant slide, balls that let you walk on water, the actual TRON motorcycle!  The list goes on.  Fun stickers for the back of your car, clear canoe's, sound activated car stickers, glow in the dark toilet paper, sleeping bags that look like you're getting eaten by a shark..
I could go on all day.  If you're ever bored, you have to take a look.  They have everything from inexpensive $10.00 items up to thousands of dollars for personal flying machines to bypass traffic.  Enjoy... and try to pace yourself if you start shopping on the site because it is addicting!

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Our Birds Week 1

So today we've had our birds for exactly 1 week.  They arrived on Wednesday the 23rd when they were only 2 days old.  It's funny because I didn't remember that when they arrive that small they don't really have wings.  They have these little nubs that feathers eventually grow on to create the wing.  So we have these little wingless nuggets running around and they just completely crack me up.

But after only the first few days they've started to get feathers sprouting on there wings.  It happens so fast.  It's been a lot of fun watching them grow so far and watching the kids become calmer and gentler due to having them around.  So we have a few videos to see how they are doing the first week in.

The first video is from the day they arrived and I first opened the box.  The second is the first time I let them loose in there giant 4 foot space that they will be in the first 6-8 weeks before they go into there coop out back.  And the last video is of them starting to sprout wings at the end of week 1.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

St. Jude Walk 2015 - Accomplished!

We had an awesome time walking for St. Jude.  After the 3 mile hike through and around the city we were starving and stopped off at Bristol for lunch.  If you happen to live in the Kansas City, MO area, I highly suggest this place for some of the best seafood in the area...